05 January 2014

Swami Vivekananda On Confucius

Confucius alone has expressed
the one eternal idea of ethics.
—Swami Vivekananda
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Confucius (551–479 BC) was a Chinese philosopher, teacher, politician and editor. A detailed biography of Confucius is available at Wikipedia, here in this article we'll make a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on Confucius.
  • As far back as in the days of the Chinese sage Confucius, it was said, "Let us take care of this world: and then, when we have finished with this world, we will take care of other world."[Source]
  • Confucius alone has expressed the one eternal idea of ethics.[Source]
  • Confucius, Moses, and Pythagoras; Buddha, Christ, Mohammed; Luther, Calvin, and the Sikhs; Theosophy, Spiritualism, and the like; all these mean only the preaching of the Divine - in - man.[Source]
  • In China, the royal power, centralised by the genius of Confucius, has been controlling and guiding the priestly power, in accordance with its absolute will, for more than twenty-five centuries; and during the last two centuries, the all-absorbing Lamas of Tibet, though they are the spiritual guides of the royal family, have been compelled to pass their days, being subject in every way to the Chinese Emperor.[Source]
  • The Chinese are the disciples of Confucius, are the disciples of Buddha, and their morality is quite strict and refined.[Source]

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