14 May 2014

Did Swami Vivekananda Eat Beef?

We have already written an article on Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on beef eating and cow slaughter. Now we are going to discuss a sensitive topic— did Swami Vivekananda himself eat beef?

There were allegations against Swami Vivekananda that during in his stay in the United States, he ate beef. We'll discuss the allegations and some scholar's observations here.

John Henry Barrows' allegation

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Rev. Dr. John Henry Barrows (1847–1902), was an American clergy and was the president of the Parliament of the World's Religions (1893).

Dr. Barrows told that he observed Swami Vivekananda eating beef in the United states. He also told, right after the close of the first session of the Parliament of the World's Religion, he took Vivekananda and some other participants to a restaurant in the basement of the Art Institute, there Vivekananda preferred to eat beef.

In an article appeared on The Outlook on 17 July 1897, Barrows wrote—
"After the first session of the Parliament of Religions I went with Vivekananda to the restaurant in the basement of the Art Institute, and I said to him, 'What shall I get you to eat?' His reply was "Give me beef !""
Barrows wrote in his book Christian Conquest Of Asia
I knew how common it was in Calcutta for young Brahmans to go to the Great Pastern Hotel and secretly indulge in a meat dinner. And I knew, also, that the Hindus are accustomed to kill the goat before the hideous idol of the goddess Kali, and that no rational argument could be offered which would make the goat loss sacred than the cow. . .  . . . At the close of the first session of the Parliament of Religions, I invited the Swami Vivekananda and other Asiatics to go with me to the restaurant in the basement of the Art Building, and I said to the Swami: 'What shall I give you to eat?' and he answered : 'Give me beef.' " This simple remark was a thunder-bolt out of a clear sky. It changed the aspect of the whole meeting, and there were no further remarks about meat-eating.

(Unsurprisingly?) Narasingha Prosad Sil was interested to highlight this is his Reassessment
In fact John Barrows reportedly observed that in the United States, Vivekananda used to devour beef somewhat ostensibly.

Barrows-Vivekananda relatioship

Before we conclude that Vivekananda actually ate beef, we'll discuss the the relationship between Barrows and Vivekananda.

Dr. Barrows was one of the planners and makers of the World's Parliament. Nivedita Raghunath Bhide wrote in Swami Vivekananda in America
Barrows expected that the Parliament would end in the triumphant recognition of Christianity as the best religion in the world. In 'defence' of the Parliament idea he cited the example of St. Paul, who 'was careful to find common ground for himself and his Greek auditors in Athens, before he preached to them Jesus and the resurrection.' There were objections from orthodox quarters as what was the need to listen to heathen faiths. While answering to these objections Dr. Barrows wrote that 'those who have the full light of the Cross should bear brotherly hearts toward all who grope in a dimmer illumination.'
This wish of Barrows to get recognition of Christianity as the best religion in the world remained unfulfilled. An unknown Hindu monk from India suddenly appeared in the scene and became the best speaker of the Parliament in no time.

We must also note that Dr. Barrows had a "silent debate" with Vivekananda. Dr. Barrows, in his "Review and Summary" of the Parliament, attacked Vivekananda's idea of "Universal Religion," and called it a 'threat' to Christian supremacy. His concerns were—
  • The idea of evolving a cosmic or universal faith out of the Parliament was not present in the minds of its chief promoters.
  • They believe that the elements of such a religion are already contained in the Christian ideal and the Christian Scripture.
  • They had no thought of attempting to formulate a universal creed.
At the same time Theosophists of the United States and Vivekananda's "old friend" Brahmo leader Protap Chunder Mazoomdar were campaigning against him.

A disturbed Vivekananda wrote in a letter to Swami Brahmananda, dated 20 September 1896—[Source]
Take no heed of Mazoomdar's madness. He surely has gone crazy with jealousy. Such foul language as he has used would only make people laugh at him in a civilised country. He has defeated his purpose by the use of such vulgar words.
At one stage Dr. Barrrows even stopped talking to Swami Vivekananda.

Vivekananda's response

Dwijendra Narayan Jha wrote in his book The Myth of the Holy Cow, Vivekananda "vehemently defended his action". According to Manishankar Mukhopahyay (Shankar), Vivekananda learned about these allegations, but as he was busy with his own mission and some other issues, he preferred to remain silent.

Our conclusion

Here we'll not be able to conclude whether Dr. Barrows' allegations were true or false, but we must note that Dr. Barrows was not a supporter and well-wisher of Vivekananda and the relationship between him and Vivekananda did not remain friendly and nice always. Also note, it took Barrows almost 4 years to report the restaurant incident. Barrows wrote— "'Give me beef.' " This simple remark was a thunder-bolt out of a clear sky. It changed the aspect of the whole meeting". If it really was a "thunder-bolt out of a clear sky" and it "changed the aspect of the whole meeting", why did he remain silent for four years?

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  1. Vivekananda did not eat beef.

  2. Read the main article first:

    Vivekananda openly & clearly supported eating beef as he was in bodily conception of building strong body because he suffered from a deep inferiority complex of British subjugation. He mistakenly believed that strongly build Hindus will be able to stand up to British power. He was no Swami or a spiritualist.. he was a great orator, no doubt, and spoke so much concocted spirituality/sociology that foolish people think he was enlightened.

    1. You have very little knowledge about Swami Vivekananda and his work, and is it a mistake to wish for Hindus to have a strong body and strong mind?

    2. Foolish people like you are the majority.

    3. Swami Vivekanda deliberately eat non veg even he was a smoker . This is true. Reference: - Book: My Thoughts (Tamil: "enathu sinthanaigal" by Swami Vevekananda, published by Ramakrishna Mutt, Chennai Republish 1.7.1996 web site: http://www.chennaimath.org/

    4. Yes, he was a non-vegetarian, but does the book state that he ate beef?

  3. who cares if he did nor not, question should be for YOU!
    do you?
    civilised man does not cause pain suffering to animals, uncivilised people do.
    Ironic well suited barbarians mainly white skinned come with bible in hand but steal people lands, butcher people and animals. And they put the man who came to save them on the cross too LMAO

    1. Dude atleast dont force it on people. whose who want to eat will it. whose who dont want they wont. this is free country.not like taliban.

    2. dude plz let people eat whatever they want to. this is free country. fir apne mein aur taliban mein kya farak raha. jo unki baat nahi sunta uske wo hath katate hai hum maar dalenge.

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  6. Religion is a way of living,every religion has its own dignity,every religion preaches to respect the other,there is no point of discussing these issues here,who ever like to have beef they will,its all depends up on ppl beliefs,but in my views respect the person who has done so much to the society,we r not here to criticize each other,ppl who understand Vivekananda's veiws will nvr get into such argument, and also people who respect their religion will nvr criticize the other

  7. Excerpt from "A heart Poured Out : A story of Swami Ashokananda" by Sister Gargi: When Swami Ashokananda was ill: ...
    "And there is just nothing he can eat; it is very bad for him, such as fats, sugar, or starch, or he can't digest it, or can't abide it. Jo and Ediben urge him to eat beef or to drink beef tea. He says, "I am a Hindu; I won't eat beef and lose my caste!". We tell him he is a sannyasin, without any caste. But that argument is of no


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