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  Persevere on, my brave lads, We have only just begun. Never despond! Never say enough!

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      Article updating: Please note, none of the articles of these website is stable. That means, all articles of this site are continuously updated. So, the version (of any article) you are seeing now, is not the final version, it'll be updated regularly. At the bottom of any page, the revision's timestamp and total number of revisions may be seen.

      We generally make these changes—
      1. Addition of content: Adding more content and quotes.
      2. Stress on sourced content: Adding and verifying sources.
      3. Correcting errors: Correct errors (typos, wrong links, grammatical errors which went unnoticed
      Article creation: We regularly create new articles as well. As of November 2013, we mainly create articles on Swami Vivekananda quotes, his works and special events of his life.


      At least two authors of this blog have been long time editors at Wikipedia (English) too. Like Wikipedia, we also believe information must be verifiable. So we'll try to add source with each quote in this blog. A source will serve two purposes here—
      1. Verification: If there is some confusion, one may check the source for the original text.
      2. Further reading: Though we know that (a good number/most) of readers will never click on "source". But if someone checks the source, (s)he will be able to read the full original text. In this site we are making collection of quotes and excerpts (and not full texts). So if someone wants to read full text, we want to at least give them an option to do it easily.

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