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Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Jesus Christ

    Swami Vivekananda was an admirer of Jesus Christ (or Jesus of Nazareth). Between 1888—1893, when he travelled widely in many states of India, he had nothing but a kamandalu and two books with him— a) Bhagavad Gita and b) The Imitation of Christ (written by Thomas à Kempis). 
    His suggestion was— "To obtain Bhakti, seek the company of holy men who have Bhakti, and read books like the Gita and the Imitation of Christ; always think of the attributes of God."[Source]

    Later in life, Vivekananda himself translated first few chapters of the book The Imitation of Christ. In the introduction section of the book, he wrote—[Source]
      The Imitation of Christ is a cherished treasure of the Christian world. This great book was written by a Roman Catholic monk. "Written", perhaps, is not the proper word. It would be more appropriate to say that each letter of the book is marked deep with the heart's blood of the great soul who had renounced all for his love of Christ.
        Vivekananda was undoubtedly a follower and admirer of Jesus of Christ. In another lecture he told—[Source]
        Jesus Christ was God — the Personal God become man. He has manifested Himself many times in different forms and these alone are what you can worship. God in His absolute nature is not to be worshipped. Worshipping such God would be nonsense. We have to worship Jesus Christ, the human manifestation, as God. You cannot worship anything higher than the manifestation of God. The sooner you give up the worship of God separate from Christ, the better for you."
        In the famous lecture Christ, the Messenger (delivered at Los Angeles, California in 1900) Vivekananda told—
        If I, as an Oriental have to worship Jesus of Nazareth, there is only one way, that is, to worship him as God and nothing else.[Source]

        In this page we'll make a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotes, comments and opinions on Jesus Christ.

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        Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on Jesus Christ

        • Had I lived in Palestine, 
          in the days of Jesus of Nazareth, 
          I would have washed his feet, 
          not with my tears, 
          but with my heart's blood!
          —Swami Vivekananda
          Image source: Wikimedia Commons
          Christ, being man, had to see impurity and denounced it; but God, infinitely higher, does not see iniquity and cannot be angry.[Source]
        • Christ's public life extended only over eighteen months, and for this he had silently been preparing himself for thirty - two years.[Source]
        • Christ said, "I and my father are one", and you repeat it. Yet it has not helped mankind. For nineteen hundred years men have not understood that saying. They make Christ the saviour of men. He is God and we are worms![Source]
        • Even now, when you get love, you see Radha. Become Radha and be saved. There is no other way, Christians do not understand Solomon's song. They call it prophecy symbolising Christ's love for the Church. They think it nonsense and father some story upon it.[Source]
        • Everything is the living God, the living Christ; see it as such.[Source]
        • Everything progresses in waves. The march of civilization, the progression of worlds, is in waves. All human activities likewise progress in waves — art, literature, science, religion. Great waves succeed each other, and between these great waves is a quiet, a calm, a period of rest, a period of recuperation. All manifest life seems to require a period of sleep, of calm, in which to gain added strength, renewed vigour, for the next manifestation, or awakening to activity. Thus is the march of all progress, of all manifest life — in waves, successive waves, [of] activity and repose. Waves succeed each other in an endless chain of progression. Such a one was Jesus of Nazareth.[Source]
        • Father is the existence out of which everything comes; Son is that knowledge. It is in Christ that God will be manifest. God was everywhere, in all beings, before Christ; but in Christ we became conscious of Him. This is God. The third is bliss, the Holy Spirit.[Source]
        • Give up bondage; become a son, be free, and then you can "see the Father", as did Jesus.[Source]
        • Had I lived in Palestine, in the days of Jesus of Nazareth, I would have washed his feet, not with my tears, but with my heart's blood![Source]
        • I have come to deal with principles. I have only to preach that God comes again and again, and that He came in India as Krishna, Rama, and Buddha, and that He will come again. It can almost be demonstrated that after each 500 years the world sinks, and a tremendous spiritual wave comes, and on the top of the wave is a Christ.[Source]
        • I pity the Hindu who does not see the beauty in Jesus Christ's character. I pity the Christian who does not reverence the Hindu Christ.[Source]
        • If Jesus Christ was not perfect, then the religion bearing his name falls to the ground.[Source]
        • It is an irrational claim to believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and at the same time to hold that the greater part of his teachings have no application at the present time. If you say that the reason why the powers do not follow them that believe (as Christ said they would) is because you have not faith enough and are not pure enough—that will be all right. But to say that they have no application at the present time is to be ridiculous.[Source]
        • Nothing is gained except by sacrifice.... 
          Do not degrade it to the level of the brutes.... 
          Make yourselves decent men! ... 
          Be chaste and pure! ... 
          There is no other way. 
          Did Christ find any other way?
          —Swami Vivekananda
          Image source: Wikimedia Commons
        • Jesus Christ was willing to admit every good man to the family of God. It is not the man who believes a certain something, but the man who does the will of the Father in heaven, who is right. On this basis—being right and doing right—the whole world can unite.[Source]
        • Let the churches preach doctrines, theories, philosophies to their hearts' content, but when it comes to worship, the real practical part of religion, it should be as Jesus says, "When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret".[Source]
        • "None is good, save One, that is, God", as the Lord Jesus bath said. The rest are only tools in His hands. "Gloria in Excelsis", "Glory unto God in the highest", and unto men that deserve, but not to such an undeserving one like me. Here "the servant is not worthy of the hire"; and a Fakir, especially, has no right to any praise whatsoever, for would you praise your servant for simply doing his duty?[Source]
        • Nothing is gained except by sacrifice.... The holiest function of our human consciousness, the noblest, do not make it unclean! Do not degrade it to the level of the brutes.... Make yourselves decent men! ... Be chaste and pure! ... There is no other way. Did Christ find any other way? ... If you can conserve and use the energy properly, it leads you to God. Inverted, it is hell itself ....[Source]
        • Religion is not an imitation of Jesus or Mohammed. Even if an imitation is good, it is never genuine. Be not an imitation of Jesus, but be Jesus, You are quite as great as Jesus, Buddha, or anybody else. If we are not ... we must struggle and be. I would not be exactly like Jesus. It is unnecessary that I should be born a Jew.[Source]
        • Remember the words of Christ: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." These words are literally true, not figures or fiction. They were the outflow of the heart's blood of one of the greatest sons of God who have ever come to this world of ours; words which came as the fruit of realisation, from a man who had felt and realised God himself; who had spoken with God, lived with God, a hundred times more intensely than you or I see this building.[Source]
        • Renounce and give up. What did Christ say? "He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." Again and again did he preach renunciation as the only way to perfection. There comes a time when the mind awakes from this long and dreary dream—the child gives up its play and wants to go back to its mother.
        • Renunciation is not asceticism. Are all beggars Christ? Poverty is not a synonym for holiness; often the reverse.[Source]
        • The Christians believe that Jesus Christ died to save man. With you it is belief in a doctrine, and this belief constitutes your salvation. With us doctrine has nothing whatever to do with salvation. Each one may believe in whatever doctrine he likes; or in no doctrine.[Source]
        • The Church tries to fit Christ into it, not the Church into Christ.[Source]
        • The great secret of true success, of true happiness, then, is this: the man who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish man, is the most successful. It seems to be a paradox: do we not know that every man who is unselfish in life gets cheated, gets hurt? Apparently, yes. "Christ was unselfish, and yet he was crucified." True, but we know that his unselfishness is the reason, the cause of a great victory— the crowning of millions upon millions of lives with the blessings of true success.
        • The old Hebrew people did not care for any heaven. That is one of the reasons they [opposed] Jesus of Nazareth — because he taught life after death.[Source]
        • The three years of his ministry were like one compressed, concentrated age, which it has taken nineteen hundred years to unfold, and who knows how much longer it will yet take! Little men like you and me are simply the recipients of just a little energy. A few minutes, a few hours, a few years at best, are enough to spend it all, to stretch it out, as it were, to its fullest strength, and then we are gone for ever. But mark this giant that came; centuries and ages pass, yet the energy that he left upon the world is not yet stretched, nor yet expended to its full. It goes on adding new vigour as the ages roll on.[Source]
        • The Trinitarian Christ is elevated above us; the Unitarian Christ is merely a moral man; neither can help us. The Christ who is the Incarnation of God, who has not forgotten His divinity, that Christ can help us, in Him there is no imperfection.[Source]
        • We have read different stories that have been written about him; we know the scholars and their writings, and the higher criticism; and we know all that has been done by study. We are not here to discuss how much of the New Testament is true, we are not here to discuss how much of that life is historical. It does not matter at all whether the New Testament was written within the five hundred years of his birth; nor does it matter, even, how much of that life is true. But there is something behind it, something we want to imitate. To tell a lie, you have to imitate a truth, and that truth is a fact. You cannot imitate that which you have never perceived. But there must have been a nucleus, a tremendous power that came down; a marvellous manifestation of spiritual power; and of that we are speaking. It stands there. Therefore, we are not afraid of all the criticisms of the scholars. If I, as an Oriental have to worship Jesus of Nazareth, there is only one way, that is, to worship him as God and nothing else.[Source]
        • You have heard that Christ said, 'My words are spirit and they are life'. So are my words spirit and life; they will burn their way into your brain and you will never get away from them![Source]

        "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God"

        Main article: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God
        [Site admin's note: This is the eighth verse of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. Read more about Matthew 5:8 at Bible Hub or Christianity Today.]
        Matthew 5:8
        "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
        Image source: Wikimedia Commons 
          1. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." Can we see God? Of course not. Can we know God? Of course not. If God can be known, He will be God no longer. Knowledge is limitation. But I and my Father are one: I find the reality in my soul. These ideas are expressed in some religions, and in others only hinted. In some they were expatriated. Christ's teachings are now very little understood in this country. If you will excuse me, I will say that they have never been very well understood.[Source]
          2. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." This sentence alone would save mankind if all books and prophets were lost. This purity of heart will bring the vision of God. It is the theme of the whole music of this universe. In purity is no bondage. Remove the veils of ignorance by purity, then we manifest ourselves as we really are and know that we were never in bondage. The seeing of many is the great sin of all the world. See all as Self and love all; let all idea of separateness go. . .[Source]
          3.  The Messenger came to show the path: that the spirit is not in forms, that it is not through all sorts of vexations and knotty problems of philosophy that you know the spirit. Better that you had no learning, better that you never read a book in your life. These are not at all necessary for salvation — neither wealth, nor position nor power, not even learning; but what is necessary is that one thing, purity. "Blessed are the pure in heart," for the spirit in its own nature is pure. How can it be otherwise? It is of God, it has come from God. In the language of the Bible, "It is the breath of God." In the language of the Koran, "It is the soul of God." Do you mean to say that the Spirit of God can ever be impure? But, alas, it has been, as it were, covered over with the dust and dirt of ages, through our own actions, good and evil. Various works which were not correct, which were not true, have covered the same spirit with the dust and dirt of the ignorance of ages. It is only necessary to clear away the dust and dirt, and then the spirit shines immediately. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." Where goest thou to seek for the Kingdom of God, asks Jesus of Nazareth, when it is there, within you? Cleanse the spirit, and it is there. It is already yours. How can you get what is not yours? It is yours by right. You are the heirs of immortality, sons of the Eternal Father.[Source]

            "I and my Father are one"

              Main article: Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on "I and my Father are one"
              [Site admin's note: Read more about John 10:30 at Bible Hub.]
                1. It is the Man who said, "I and my Father are one", whose power has descended unto millions. For thousands of years it has worked for good. And we know that the same Man, because he was a non-dualist, was merciful to others. To the masses who could not conceive of anything higher than a Personal God, he said, "Pray to your Father in heaven." To others who could grasp a higher idea, he said: "I am the vine, ye are the branches," but to his disciples to whom he revealed himself more fully, he proclaimed the highest truth, "I and my Father are one".
                2. That soul is strong that has become one with the Lord; none else is strong. In your own Bible, what do you think of the cause that strength of Jesus of Nazareth, that immense, infinite strength, which laughed at traitors, and blessed those that were willing to murder him? It was that, "I and my Father are one"; it was that prayer, "Father, just as I am one with you, so make them one with me". 

                  "Resist not evil"

                  1. Christ said, "Resist not evil", and we do not understand it until we discover that it is not only moral but actually the best policy, for anger is loss of energy to the man who displays it. You should not allow your minds to come into those brain-combinations of anger and hatred.[Source]
                  2. "Why should I become angry just because another man has made a fool of himself. Do thou resist not evil!" That is what the lovers of God say. Whatever the world does, wherever it goes, has no influence [on them].[Source]

                  "Sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor"

                  [Site admin's note: This is the twenty-first verse of the nineteenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. Read more about Matthew 19:21 at BibleHub]

                  Do you believe what Christ says, "Sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor?" Practical equality there; no trying to torture the texts, but taking the truth as it is. Do not try to torture texts. I have heard it said that that was preached only to the handful of Jews who listened to Jesus. The same argument will apply to other things also. Do not torture texts; dare to face truth as it is. Even if we cannot reach to it, let us confess our weakness, but let us not destroy the ideal. Let us hope that we shall attain to it sometime, and strive for it. There it is — "Sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, and follow me." Thus, trampling on every privilege and everything in us that works for privilege, let us work for that knowledge which will bring the feeling of sameness towards all mankind. You think that because you talk a little more polished language you are superior to the man in the street. Remember that when you are thinking this, you are not going towards freedom, but are forging a fresh chain for your feet. And, above all, if the pride of spirituality enters into you, woe unto you. It is the most awful bondage that ever existed. Neither can wealth nor any other bondage of the human heart bind the soul so much as this. "I am purer than others", is the most awful idea that can enter into the human heart. In what sense are you pure? The God in you is the God in all. If you have not known this, you have known nothing. How can there be difference? It is all one. Every being is the temple of the Most High; if you can see that, good, if not, spirituality has yet to come to you.[Source]

                  "Kingdom of Heaven" or "Kingdom of God"

                  • The kingdom of heaven is within us. The Jewish idea was a kingdom of heaven upon this earth. That was not the idea of Jesus.[Source]
                  • "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." Where goest thou to seek for the Kingdom of God, asks Jesus of Nazareth, when it is there, within you? Cleanse the spirit, and it is there. It is already yours. How can you get what is not yours? It is yours by right. You are the heirs of immortality, sons of the Eternal Father.[Source]
                  • Until we give up the world manufactured by the ego, never can we enter the kingdom of heaven. None ever did, none ever will.[Source]
                  • "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all good things will be added unto you." Follow God and you shall have whatever you desire.[Source]
                  • "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Unto him everything who does not care for anything.[Source]

                  "Ye cannot serve God and mammon"

                  • Renunciation means that none can serve both God and Mammon.[Source]
                  • The way to God is the opposite to that of the world. And to few, very few, are given to have God and mammon at the same time.[Source]

                  From a letter written to D. R. Balaji Rao

                  Swami Vivekananda wrote this in a letter written to D. R. Balaji Rao—[Source]
                  "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither; the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." Thus said the old Jewish saint when suffering the greatest calamities that could befall man, and he erred not. Herein lies the whole secret of Existence. Waves may roll over the surface and tempest rage, but deep down there is the stratum of infinite calmness, infinite peace, and infinite bliss. "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted." And why? Because it is during these moments of visitations when the heart is wrung by hands which never stop for the father's cries or the mother's wail, when under the load of sorrow, dejection, and despair, the world seems to be cut off from under our feet, and when the whole horizon seems to be nothing but an impenetrable sheet of misery and utter despair — that the internal eyes open, light flashes all of a sudden, the dream vanishes, and intuitively we come face to face with the grandest mystery in nature — Existence. Yes, then it is — when the load would be sufficient to sink a lot of frail vessels — that the man of genius, of strength, the hero, sees that infinite, absolute, ever-blissful Existence per se, that infinite being who is called and worshipped under different names in different climes. Then it is, the shackles that bind the soul down to this hole of misery break, as it were, for a time, and unfettered it rises and rises until it reaches the throne of the Lord, "Where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest". Cease not, brother, to send up petitions day and night, cease not to say day and night — THY WILL BE DONE.
                  "Ours not to question why,
                  Ours but to do and die."

                  When will Christ come again?

                  I never take much notice of these things. I have come to deal with principles. I have only to preach that God comes again and again, and that He came in India as Krishna, Rama, and Buddha, and that He will come again. It can almost be demonstrated that after each 500 years the world sinks, and a tremendous spiritual wave comes, and on the top of the wave is a Christ.
                  There is a great change now coming all over the world, and this is a cycle. Men are finding that they are losing hold of life; which way will they turn, down or up? Up, certainly. How can it be down? Plunge into the breach; fill up the breach with your body, your life. How should you allow the world to go down when you are living?

                  The difference between man an Christ

                  Vivekananda told—
                  There is much difference in manifested beings. As a manifested being you will never be Christ. Out of clay, manufacture a clay elephant, out of the same clay, manufacture a clay mouse. Soak them in water, they become one. As clay, they are eternally one; as fashioned things, they are eternally different. The Absolute is the material of both God and man. As Absolute, Omnipresent Being, we are all one; and as personal beings, God is the eternal master, and we are the eternal servants.
                  You have three things in you: (1) the body, (2) the mind, (3) the spirit. The spirit is intangible, the mind comes to birth and death, and so does the body. You are that spirit, but often you think you are the body.
                  When a man says, "I am here", he thinks of the body. Then comes another moment when you are on the highest plane; you do not say, "I am here". But if a man abuses you or curses you and you do not resent it, you are the spirit. "When I think I am the mind, I am one spark of that eternal fire which Thou art; and when I feel that I am the spirit, Thou and I are one"-- so says a devotee to the Lord. Is the mind in advance of the spirit?
                  God does not reason; why should you reason if you knew? It is a sign of weakness that we have to go on crawling like worms to get a few facts and build generalisations, and then the whole thing tumbles down again. The spirit is reflected in the mind and everything. It is the light of the spirit that makes the mind sensate. Everything is an expression of the spirit; the minds are so many mirrors. What you call love and fear, hatred, virtue, and vice are all reflections of the spirit; only when the reflector is base the reflection is bad.


                  On Christ's crucifixion

                  Swami Vivekananda was asked—
                  Do you believe in Christ's crucifixion?
                  Vivekananda's reply was—[Source]
                  Christ was God incarnate; they could not kill him. That which was crucified was only a semblance, a mirage.

                  On the Sermon on the Mount

                  Swami Vivekananda was asked—
                  Do you believe Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount?
                  His reply was—[Source]
                  I do believe he did. But in this matter I have to go by the books as others do, and I am aware that mere book testimony is rather shaky ground. But we are all safe in taking the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount as a guide. We have to take what appeals to our inner spirit. Buddha taught five hundred years before Christ, and his words were full of blessings: never a curse came from his lips, nor from his life; never one from Zoroaster, nor from Confucius.

                  Are Christ and Buddha identical?

                  It is my particular fancy that the same Buddha became Christ.
                  —Swami Vivekananda
                  Image source: Wikimedia Commons (Jesus's image, Buddha's image)
                  It is my particular fancy that the same Buddha became Christ. Buddha prophesied, "I will come again in five hundred years", and Christ came here in five hundred years. These are the two Lights of the whole human nature. Two men have been produced, Buddha and Christ; these are the two giants, huge gigantic personalities, two Gods. Between them they divide the whole world. Wherever there is the least knowledge in the world, people bow down either to Buddha or Christ. It would be very hard to produce more like them, but I hope there will be. Mohammed came five hundred years after, five hundred years after came Luther with his Protestant wave, and this is five hundred years after that again. It is a great thing in a few thousand years to produce two such men as Jesus and Buddha. Are not two such enough? Christ and Buddha were Gods, the others were prophets. Study the life of these two and see the manifestation of power in them -- calm and non - resisting, poor beggars owning nothing, without a cent in their pockets, despised all their lives, called heretic and fool -- and think of the immense spiritual power they have wielded over humanity.[Source]


                        Swami Vivekananda on Jesus Christ — Powerpoint presentations

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                        • Christ, the Messenger — Swami Vivekananda's lecture on Jesus Christ delivered at Los Angeles in 1900 (PDF document)

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                              1. awesome jesus Praise my lord my father you always shines in dark

                              2. Some more relevant quotes by Vivekananda
                                The scriptures like the Bible and the Quran were paurusheya, that is, revelations accessible only to particular persons whose experience could not be verified by other people. The Vedas, on the other hand, were apaurusheya, that is, statements of spiritual truths which any seeker could verify by spiritual practice.
                                Christian baptism is external and did not touch the inner man. Baptism is like the Kenopanishad in this context: ‘Ever steeped in the darkness of ignorance, yet considering themselves wise and learned, the fools go round and round, staggering to and fro like the blind led by the blind’.
                                What were the great powers of Christ,he asked, in miracles and healing, in one of his characters? They were low, vulgar things because he was among vulgar beings... Any fool could do those things. Fools heal others, devils can heal others. I have seen horrible demoniacal men do wonderful miracles. They seem to manufacture fruits out of the earth. I have known fools and diabolical men tell the past, present and future. I have seen fools heal at a glance, by the will, the most horrible diseases. These are powers, truly, but often demoniacal powers.

                                1. shalom chetan arya.yes,devil can do miracles but can't shed blood for the people who are in sinful bondages.as u know without shedding of blood there is no repentance for sin

                                2. Please try to understand that as this site uses Swamiji's quotations we expect people who uses it also to be aware of Swami Vivekananda's complete work. Chetan Arya also pointed what Swami Vivekananda pointed only. Swami Vivekananda insisted that we as normal human should not depend on miracles, we should try to lift ourselves to higher level. Please go through Swami Vivekananda's complete works to understand.
                                  Below also words of Swami Vivekananda only: (CW: Vol 4)
                                  "But you must not mix up Christ or Buddha with hobgoblins flying through the air and all that sort of nonsense. Sacrilege! Christ coming into a spiritualistic seance to dance! I have seen that presence in this country. It is not in that way that these manifestations of God come. "

                              3. Hello my Br..Chetan Arya..!
                                The person who was unable to perform miracles can only tell all these miracles are from the Demons, Well! When Jesus was on the earth Jew Priests said He healed the sick with the help of the Demons, but is this true?

                                Let us go through this..!
                                What you see around healing is not that mentioned in The Holy Bible, if you go through it, The man with the Help of GOD only can do or perform these miracles. There are few prophets who never performed a single miracle.
                                Example: 1.Jesus raised the Dead!
                                2.Jesus healed and cured people of Uncountable, if it was written this World is not enough.
                                3.Elijah in The Bible prayed to GOD and with his permission he made the Heaven stop giving rain for 3 1/2 years, after seeking GOD he then Commanded the heaven to rain.
                                4.Joshua with the help of GOD made The Sun and The Moon stand for a whole day.
                                and many more Only from the Bible.....!

                                I ask you all these were done with the help of Demons?

                                Then why can't the Evil-men in the history or present or future can't do these?

                                Or the Great people said by the world cant even perform a single Miracle?

                                The Only reason Behind this was...
                                This was not done with the will of men but only with the Permission Of GOD.

                                Bible says The Dead are raised and The Lepers are Healed, Blind saw, Dump heard..and a lot more.....but all these things today doesn't happen? What you saw is a LIE.!

                                Brother first know the difference between The Miracle and The Magic?
                                Magic can be done by many and can be practiced but The Miracles are not!
                                This is the only reason why All the great people told by the world are unable to do The Miracles and they even dd not know how these could happen and they could not do them, so they came to a conclusion that these are only performed by the Devils.

                                Today the Holy Bible is Completed(writing) and nothing is to be added to it, and no one in the world ever do a single miracle, if they could do then The Gunniess Book will make them known to the world.
                                All the things said by Great people of this world are not always true because they had never known THE LIVING GOD, they tell only what is right in their Sight, Bible is the Only Source to know about the Holy One (Son) who descended from the Holy Father to proclaim The Truth which the world doesn't knew ever. The only One who had seen GOD(The Father) is only The Son(Jesus) of a Virgin Birth.

                              4. Hello brother! Even demons said that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Pl read Bible and know the Truth. May Jesus Christ forgive for what you have said above Mr.Chetan Arya!!

                              5. dear 'Anonymous' Chetan Arya does'nt commit any mistake he just expressed his ignorance as we all did once before knowing Christ so jesus would have forgiven him by this time.

                                Dear Chetan Arya just Miracles is not all about. Bible says in the last days men of demon will rise up and do so many miracles in this world. what i know , experiencing is jesus is living, he speaks , he touches ,he cures, he provides , he forgives......... now. But the great mens who lived in this world do not (including vivekananda or moses or anyone)...

                                And so people can express their own ideas and try to describe in their own way.. If you want to know Jesus and experience yourself go read bible. ( this does'nt mean ur converted )

                                1. Beautiful words Vinoth...
                                  The Lord forgive Chetan.

                              6. Jesus was the only religious leader who shed blood for us. No one else did so. Jesus is the God.

                              7. It is not always easy to follow everything what Jesus said. For example, "resist not evil" — it is almost impossible to follow it in real life. Many Christians too do not follow what Christ said. Vivekananda told it in his writing, on one hand some preachers suggest "do not acquire wealth" on the other hand they indulge in saving wealth fro themselves.

                              8. i would like it if closed minded religious supremacists like Sirish did not comment on webpages dedicated to people like Swamiji who spent their entire lives harmonizing all faiths & philosophies on earth for the sake of goodness & sanity... stop making God a prostitute to ur doctrines... Truth does not care about stupid-ass human doctrines or dogmas...

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                                Please avoid personal attack (to anyone) and please try to avoid "anonymous" comments too. Anonymous comment with nothing but personal attack will be rejected.

                              10. This is a nice collection

                              11. ഒരു ഹിന്ദു മതം മാറിയാൽ ഒരെണ്ണം കുറയുക മാത്രമല്ല, ഒരു ശത്രു ഉണ്ടാകുക കൂടിയാണ് ചെയ്യുന്നത്. (സ്വാമി വിവേകാനന്ദൻ, പ്രബുദ്ധ്ഭാരത്‌, 1899)

                              12. Dear brother!!! Jesus Christ clearly stated dat he s d oly truth he din tl dat he s also one of the truth!!!! Just imagine aftr his coming of 2000 years his followers are almost 33% of d world s population n dats d majority!! Even other religious so called leaders came bfr him could nt mke der teachings as gr8 as Christ s teachings!! The reason is simple "sathyameva jayathe" or "truth alone triumphs". Turn your hearts to Christ...u wil know the truth and get salvation

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                              14. Jesus was a yogi, nothing more than that. There is no reason to think he was god. Many Indians practice Yoga. these Jesus or Buddha or Mahavira were advanced yogis. Christians unnecessarily think that only Jesus can be savior and no one else.

                                1. Jesus is God.
                                  He is the only way to heaven.
                                  Yoga is rubbish, yoga asks u to breathe in and out. If you don't breathe in and out you will die..its called breathing and ppl make a big deal out of it.
                                  Jesus was not a yogi. Jesus Christ is the saviour. He died for you because he loves you. ONLY JESUS CAN BE THE SAVIOUR.
                                  So , shalini, please get ur facts correct before you comment.

                                2. Yoga is rubbish?? There is a saying here, if cat closes its eyes, it thinks the whole world is dark. You seem to be such a person. Open..not only your eyes, but your mind too. And, as you say Jesus is the only God and saviour..it is purely your belief..bcoz you are taught that way..don't try to impose it on others. Have little brain.

                              15. By the way, Jesus came to the Himalayas of India to practice meditation and yoga. That also proves he was a yogi.

                                1. Who told you that Jesus came to the Himlayas? Don't spread rumors.

                                2. Hindus say Jesus visited India during the period when he was 12-30 years old and studied under “The Gurus.” The Jews were in India as early as 450 BC for India was one of the states under King Ahasuerus (Xerxes 485- 464B.C.) Jesus amazed the spiritual leaders of the Jews at the age of 12. Who taught who in India is the question. :)

                                3. "Anybody" may say "anything", that does not mean "anything". Is there any scholarly research on it? What do Christians say on this?

                                4. This is such nonsense.. came to India itseems.. He never stepped foot more than 200 miles from the place He was born..never owned a home..never wrote a book never had an office or palace...never did anything that accompanied greatness... yet he is the one that has turned the world upside down and shaken all the nations of the world. His name is Jesus.
                                  He is God.
                                  The only God who gave up his life for you and i.
                                  He is forever God.

                              16. Everybody lost the the essence of this article. Both Christ and Vivekanandha taught and asked us to be spiritual and attain God and nothing else. And yet people try to grab their own pieces of god. For once lets lose our barbarian and animalistic division and attain god ourselves. If my religion divide me from the rest...let it die. Lets not divide ourselves, for once in history we might have a chance to be united as people

                              17. Jesus ,Son of God (There is only one God )came to the earth 2015 years back not to create a religion .He lived a humble life and sacrificed His lif on the cross to redeem the man kind from the bondage of sin .Jesus said "I am the way ,the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through me ".
                                Anyone who repents to God through Jesus (who is the only mediator since He sacrificed His life for the mankind ) will receive eternal or everlasting life in heaven with God .
                                This is not a religion.

                              18. Christianity is not a religion, it is a personal relationship with God.
                                Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. No other name on the face of the earth can have as much power as that of Jesus.
                                He is the saviour of the world because he died for the sins of man.
                                He never wrote a book, never owned an office, never travelled more than 200 miles from the place he was born...He never did any of those things that accompany greatness.. yet he is the centerpiece of the human race. Jesus Christ impacted the world like NO ONE EVER!!! ..what ever you people say or think..Jesus divided history (a.d and b.c).
                                Jesus, just the mention of his name is so amazing and calming. I LOVE JESUS.
                                and for all the people who think otherwise...i just have one thing to say "Try Jesus!! "

                              19. I do hope Vivekananda recanted his heresies and blasphemies before death. Hell is a particularly unpleasant place, from what I have heard.

                              20. i am a born christian, i read bible, but when i tried to follow jesus i found it difficult. we can speak about anything we have read. but when it comes to practical we fail. The same thing has happened in my my life too.Then only i started searching for the real meaning of his teachings and i found that it is the same as taught by various masters from ages. The term christ is used to mention the divine essence of god in every creation, but to understand that we must turn inward to the spirit in us, practise in scientific way to understand our limitation as a body and our unlimited wisdom as spirit. Step by step when our spirit start to evolve our consciousness reach a certain level that we are able to feel peaceful and blissful in real ( christ consciousness or kutashta). only then we ll understand what the great masters teaching really are that everything is one in god. God is the father, when find son(the christ in you) we find father.Try to understand that you are the children of god first and not the child of any religion.Be practical don't just read every book as the help of asters with your whole heart silently and peacefully pray to god inside you. Try your best, be educated, travel, and respect every religion love all. if you like jesus accept him as a teacher. he ll lead you to great teachers in real life who are beyond religious limitation, children of god a connected to each other no matter which religion they are born, they are always ready to support humans for spiritual evolution.


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