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Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Hanuman

His devotion to Rama was so great that he is still worshipped
by the Hindus as the ideal of a true servant of the Lord
—Swami Vivekananda
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We know about Hanuman, one of the main characters of Ramayana and an ardent devotee of Rama Channdra. We have already written articles on Swami Vivekananda's quotes on Rama, Swami Vivekananda's quotes on Sita. Now we are going to write on Swami Vivekananda's quotes on Hanuman.
  • A great Bhakta (Hanuman) once said when asked what day of the month it was, "God is my eternal date, no other date I care for."[Source]
  • As on the one hand Hanuman represent the ideal of service, so on the other hand he represents leonine courage, striking the whole world with awe. He has not the least hesitation in sacrificing his life for the good of Rama. A supreme indifference to everything except the service of Rama, even to the attainment of the status of Brahma and Shiva, the great World - gods! Only the carrying out of Shri Rama's best is the one vow of this life! Such whole - hearted devotion is wanted.[Source]
  • Eka-Nishtha or devotion to one ideal is absolutely necessary for the beginner in the practice of religious devotion. He must say with Hanuman in the Râmâyana, "Though I know that the Lord of Shri and the Lord of Jânaki are both manifestations of the same Supreme Being, yet my all in all is the lotus-eyed Râma."[Source]
  • Hanuman, the best of the monkeys, became the most faithful servant of Rama and helped him in rescuing Sita.[Source]
  • Hanuman, the devotee of Rama, summed up his philosophy in these words: When I identify myself with the body, O Lord, I am Thy creature, eternally separate from Thee. When I identify myself with the soul, I am a spark of that Divine Fire which Thou art. But when I identify myself with the Atman, I and Thou art one.[Source]
  • His devotion to Rama was so great that he is still worshipped by the Hindus as the ideal of a true servant of the Lord.[Source]
  • If you be very generous, you may think that like the great devotee, Hanuman.[Source]
  • Raganuga Bhakti is of five kinds: (1) Shanta as illustrated by the religion of Christ; (2) Dasya as illustrated by that of Hanuman to Rama; (3) Sakhya as illustrated by that of Arjuna to Shri Krishna; (4) Vatsalya as illustrated by that of Vasudeva to Shri Krishna; (5) Madhura (that of the husband and wife) in the lives of Shri Krishna and the Gopikas.[Source]

A story of Hanuman

From Complete Works, I, Volume: IX—[Source]
There is a story of Hanumân, who was a great worshipper of Râma. Just as the Christians worship Christ as the incarnation of God, so the Hindus worship many incarnations of God. According to them, God came nine times in India and will come once more. When he came as Rama, this Hanuman was his great worshipper. Hanuman lived very long and was a great Yogi.
During his lifetime, Rama came again as Krishna; and Hanuman, being a great Yogi, knew that the same God had come back again as Krishna. He came and served Krishna, but he said to him, "I want to see that Rama form of yours". Krishna said, "Is not this form enough? I am this Krishna; I am this Rama. All these forms are mine". Hanuman said, "I know that, but the Rama form is for me. The Lord of Jânaki (Janaki is a name of Sitâ.) and the Lord of Shri ( Shri is a name of Laksmi.) are the same. They are both the incarnations of the Supreme Self. Yet the lotus-eyed Rama is my all in all". This is Nishtha — knowing that all these different forms of worship are right, yet sticking to one and rejecting the others. We must not worship the others at all; we must not hate or criticize them, but respect them.

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