08 December 2013

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Heart

He whose book of the heart has been
opened needs no other books.
—Swami Vivekananda
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In this page we'll make a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on heart. Here "heart" does not mean the hollow muscular organ of the body, but here it means "mind", "locus of feeling" etc. Related articles are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • All truth in the universe will manifest in your heart, if you are sufficiently pure.[Source]
  • Always cultivate the heart; through the heart the Lord speaks, and through the intellect you yourself speak.[Source]
  • Deep as the ocean, broad as the infinite skies, that is the sort of heart we want.[Source]
  • Heart speaks unto heart better than any language of the mouth.[Source]
  • He whose book of the heart has been opened needs no other books.[Source]
  • I find, as I always thought, that it is through the heart, and that alone, that the world can be reached.[Source]
  • If one has the colour of the heart, he does not want any external colour.[Source]
  • In our heart of hearts we all know our weaknesses.[Source]
  • It is nothing until you have the heart to feel.[Source]
  • It is culture of the heart that we want.[Source]
  • It is the heart that is of most importance.[Source]
  • It is the heart that reaches the goal. Follow the heart.[Source]
  • It is through the heart, and the heart alone, that inspiration comes.[Source]
  • It is through the heart that the Lord is seen, and not through the intellect.[Source]
  • Learning and wisdom are superfluities, the surface glitter merely, but it is the heart that is the seat of all power. It is not in the brain but in the heart that the Atman, possessed of knowledge, power, and activity, has Its seat.[Source]
  • "Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh," and out of the fullness of the heart the hand works too.[Source]
  • The great truths about atoms, and the finer elements, and the fine perceptions of men, were discovered ages ago by men who never saw a telescope, or a microscope, or a laboratory. How did they know all these things? It was through the heart; they purified the heart. It is open to us to do the same today; it is the culture of the heart, really, and not that of the intellect that will lessen the misery of the world.[Source]
  • The knowledge of man, his powers of perception, of reasoning and intellect and heart, all are busy churning this milk of the world. Out of long churning comes butter, and this butter is God. Men of heart get the "butter", and the "buttermilk" is left for the intellectual.[Source]
  • The man of heart can never be a devil.[Source]
  • The more heart you will be able to manifest, the greater will be the victory you achieve.[Source]
  • hen the heart has been purified, into that heart will come the love of God.[Source]
  • Within the heart is the ocean of Love. . .[Source]
  • Work on with a heart.[Source]

Combination of heart and head. . .

From Complete Works, Volume II, Jnana Yoga[Source]
We know that he who is carried along by his heart alone has to undergo many ills, for now and then he is liable to tumble into pitfalls. The combination of heart and head is what we want. I do not mean that a man should compromise his heart for his brain or vice versa, but let everyone have an infinite amount of heart and feeling, and at the same time an infinite amount of reason. Is there any limit to what we want in this world? Is not the world infinite? There is room for an infinite amount of feeling, and so also for an infinite amount of culture and reason. Let them come together without limit, let them be running together, as it were, in parallel lines each with the other.

When there is conflict between the heart and the brain,. . . 

From a class lecture delivered in the United States, Complete Works, Volume I[Source]
When there is conflict between the heart and the brain, let the heart be followed, because intellect has only one state, reason, and within that, intellect works, and cannot get beyond. It is the heart which takes one to the highest plane, which intellect can never reach; it goes beyond intellect, and reaches to what is called inspiration. Intellect can never become inspired; only the heart when it is enlightened, becomes inspired. An intellectual, heartless man never becomes an inspired man. It is always the heart that speaks in the man of love; it discovers a greater instrument than intellect can give you, the instrument of inspiration. Just as the intellect is the instrument of knowledge, so is the heart the instrument of inspiration.
  • It is the heart and the brain that do it ever and ever and not the purse.[Source]
  • It is the heart, the heart that conquers, not the brain.[Source]
  • The heart is great indeed; it is through the heart that come the great inspirations of life. I would a hundred times rather have a little heart and no brain, than be all brains and no heart. Life is possible, progress is possible for him who has heart, but he who has no heart and only brains dies of dryness.[Source]

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  1. Heart is the greatest, always listen to your heart.


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