22 December 2013

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Prophets

Prophets are discoverers
in the field of spirituality.
—Swami Vivekananda
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  • All great prophets and seers claim to have "seen God", that is to say, they have had direct experience. There is no knowledge without experience, and man has to see God in his own soul.[Source]
  • All prophets, poets, and discoverers have had great imaginative power.[Source]
  • Each man is perfect by his nature; prophets have manifested this perfection, but it is potential in us.[Source]
  • Every Prophet is a creation of his own times.[Source]
  • Great prophets of the world had the most wonderful control of the Prana, which gave them tremendous will-power; they had brought their Prana to the highest state of motion, and this is what gave them power to sway the world.[Source]
  • Prophets are discoverers in the field of spirituality. As Newton and Galileo were prophets of physical science, so are they prophets of spirituality. They can claim no exclusive right to any one of these laws; they are the common property of all nature.[Source]
  • Prophets preach, but the Incarnations like Jesus, Buddha, Ramakrishna, can give religion; one glance, one touch is enough.[Source]
  • Religion is that which does not depend upon books or teachers or prophets or saviours, and that which does not make us dependent in this or in any other lives upon others. In this sense Advaitism of the Upanishads is the only religion. But saviours, books, prophets, ceremonials, etc. have their places. They may help many as Kali worship helps me in my secular work. They are welcome.[Source]
  • Salutation to all the prophets of the past, to all the great ones of the present, and to all that are to come in the future![Source]
  • The great prophets who do the fighting have to be less perfect than those who live silent lives of holiness, thinking great thoughts and so helping the world.[Source]
  • The messages that are coming down to us from the prophets and holy men and women of all sects and nations are joining their forces and speaking to us with the trumpet voice of the past. And the first message it brings us is: Peace be unto you and to all religions. It is not a message of antagonism, but of one united religion.[Source]
  • The schools and colleges should be training grounds for prophets. The whole universe must become prophets; and until a man becomes a prophet, religion is a mockery and a byword unto him.[Source]
  • There were times in olden days when prophets were many in every society. The time is to come when prophets will walk through every street in every city in the world.[Source]
  • We have to work now so that every one will become a prophet.[Source]
  • We must work out our own problem; the prophets only show us how to work.[Source]
  • You may take up any one of the prophets or teachers as your guide and the object of your special adoration; you are even allowed to think that he whom you have chosen is the greatest of the prophets, greatest of all the Avatâras; there is no harm in that, but you must keep to a firm background of eternally true principles.[Source]

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