01 January 2014

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Creation

All this creation, manifestation,
cannot be produced out of zero.
—Swami Vivekananda
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In this article, we 'll make a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on creation.
  • All creation is moving onwards and upwards, obedient to the great law of spirit evolution, which is different from the evolution of matter.[Source]
  • All this creation is for the benefit of the soul, so that it may be free.[Source]
  • All this creation, manifestation, cannot be produced out of zero.[Source]
  • Creation cannot have either a beginning or an end; it is an eternal on-going.[Source]
  • Creation is eternal, and so also is Ishvara.[Source]
  • Creation is infinite, without beginning and without end — the ever-moving ripple in an infinite lake.[Source]
  • Creation is merely a change in appearance. We are not sprung out of nothing.[Source]
  • Creation is not a "making" of something, it is the struggle to regain the equilibrium, as when atoms of cork are thrown to the bottom of a pail of water and rush to rise to the top, singly or in clusters. Life is and must be accompanied by evil. A little evil is the source of life; the little wickedness that is in the world is very good; for when the balance is regained, the world will end, because sameness and destruction are one. When this world goes, good and evil go with it; but when we can transcend this world, we get rid of both good and evil and have bliss.[Source]
  • Creation means a combination which means a certain future dissolution.[Source]
  • Creation means the struggle to get back to freedom, the centre of our being, whence we have been thrown off, as it were.[Source]
  • Even when the whole creation is annihilated, the Shabda, as the consciousness of the universe or the subtle reality of all concrete things, exists in Brahman as the cause.[Source]
  • Every item of creation is simply a composition; no one ever saw creation come out of nothing. All that we know of creation is the combination of already existing things into newer forms.[Source]
  • How did this creation arise? It could not have arisen out of nothing; that would be a contradiction — something coming out of nothing can never be. The effect is the cause in another form. Out of the seed, the big tree grows; the tree is the seed, plus air and water taken in. And if there were any method of testing the amount of the air, and water taken to make the body of the tree, we should find that it is exactly the same as the effect, the tree.[Source]
  • In this creation of the impartial Lord, He has made equal every particle in the universe.[Source]
  • Individuality in universality is the plan of creation.[Source]
  • Inequality is the very basis of creation.[Source]
  • The external aspect of the thought of God is the Word, and as God thought and willed before He created, creation came out of the Word.[Source]
  • The Srishti (creation) is without beginning—this is the doctrine of the Vedas.[Source]
  • The Vedas teach us that creation is without beginning or end.[Source]
  • Unity is before creation, diversity is creation.[Source]
  • Wherever the beginning of creation is mentioned, it means the beginning of a cycle. Your body will meet with death, but your soul, never.[Source]

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