06 January 2014

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Evil

Evil changes in form but remains the same in quality.
—Swami Vivekananda
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In this article you'll find a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotes on evil.
  • Darkness is less light; evil is less good; impurity is less purity.[Source]
  • Each is responsible for the evil anywhere in the world. No one can separate himself from his brother.[Source]
  • Every desire is fraught with evil, whether the desire itself be good or evil.[Source]
  • Every reaction in the form of hatred or evil is so much loss to the mind; and every evil thought or deed of hatred, or any thought of reaction, if it is controlled, will be laid in our favour.[Source]
  • Evil changes in form but remains the same in quality.[Source]
  • Evil exists, and there is no shirking the fact.[Source]
  • Evil is non-existent, is zero.[Source]
  • Force against force never cures, and the only cure for evil is unselfishness.[Source]
  • Good and evil have an equal share in moulding character, and in some instances misery is a greater teacher than happiness.[Source]
  • Good can never be done without doing evil. We cannot breathe a breath without killing thousands of poor little animals.[Source]
  • I believe with you that the world is evil — made more hideous with a few dashes of good.[Source]
  • I have found out by experience that all evil comes, as our scriptures say, relying upon differences, and that all good comes from faith in equality, in the underlying sameness and oneness of things.[Source]
  • In doing evil we injure ourselves and others also. In doing good we do good to ourselves and to others as well.[Source]
  • In every country the evils exist not with, but against, religion.[Source]
  • Jealousy is the root of all evil, and a most difficult thing to conquer.[Source]
  • Life is and must be accompanied by evil.[Source]
  • Nothing can be destroyed — those thoughts that caused evil in the past are also seeking embodiment, to be filtered through repeated expression and, at last, transfigured into perfect good.[Source]
  • Objective society will always be a mixture of good and evil.[Source]
  • The cause of evil is our desire to be superior to others and our selfishness.[Source]
  • The evils that are in the world are caused by none else but ourselves. We have caused all this evil; and just as we constantly see misery resulting from evil actions, so can we also see that much of the existing misery in the world is the effect of the past wickedness of man.[Source]
  • The "I" is evil.[Source]
  • The question is why I should see evil in others. I cannot see evil unless I be evil.[Source]
  • The world is evil — and will ever remain so. It is its nature, and cannot be changed — "Which one of you by taking thought . . ." etc. (Matthew 6.27.)[Source]
  • There is no good, and there is no evil. God is all there is . . . . How do you know what is good? You feel [it]. [How do you know what is evil ? If evil comes, you feel it. . . . We know good and evil by our feelings. There is not one man who feels only good, happy feelings. There is not one who feels only unhappy feelings. . . .[Source]
  • There is nothing that is absolutely evil.[Source]
  • This "me and mine" is the very root of all the evil in the world.[Source]
  • This world with its good and evil will go on in various forms. Only the evil and good will take new names and new seats.[Source]
  • Through the terrors of evil, say — my God, my love![Source]
  • We are all one, and the cause of evil is the perception of duality.[Source]
  • We must try our best to destroy ignorance and evil. Only we have to learn that evil is destroyed by the growth of good.[Source]
  • When God and good and everything else is in us, there is no evil.[Source]
  • With every gift, he is likely to receive the evils of the giver.[Source]
  • Words cannot wipe off the evils I have done, nor any censor stop from working the good deeds, if any.[Source]
  • Work always brings evil with it.[Source]

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