04 January 2014

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Sincerity

I have experienced even in my insignificant life
that good motives, sincerity, and infinite love
can conquer the world.
—Swami Vivekananda
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In this article we'll make a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on sincerity. Related articles are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • A few heart-whole, sincere, and energetic men can do more in a year than a mob in a century.[Source]
  • Above all and in all, be sincere.[Source]
  • Acceptance, love, toleration for everything sincere and honest — but never for hypocrisy.[Source]
  • Arise and awake and be perfectly sincere.[Source]
  • Be brave and be sincere; then follow any path with devotion, and you must reach the Whole. Once lay hold of one link of the chain, and the whole chain must come by degrees. Water the roots of the tree (that is, reach the Lord), and the whole tree is watered; getting the Lord, we get all.[Source]
  • Be pure, staunch, and sincere to the very backbone, and everything will be all right.[Source]
  • Be sincere and do your duty. Everything will come all right Truth must triumph. . .[Source]
  • Be steady, and, above all, be pure and sincere to the backbone. Have faith in your destiny. You, young men of Bengal, are to work out the salvation of India. Mark that, whether you believe it or not, do not think that it will be done today or tomorrow. I believe in it as I believe in my own body and my own soul. Therefore my heart goes to you — young men of Bengal. It depends upon you who have no money; because you are poor, therefore you will work. Because you have nothing, therefore you will be sincere. Because you are sincere, you will be ready to renounce all.[Source]
  • Be you holy and, above all, sincere; and do not for a moment give up your trust in the Lord, and you will see the light.[Source]
  • Blame no view of religion so far as it is sincere.[Source]
  • Buddha was more brave and sincere than any teacher.[Source]
  • Holiness sincerity, and faith.[Source]
  • I have experienced even in my insignificant life that good motives, sincerity, and infinite love can conquer the world.[Source]
  • If the devotional aspirant is sincere, out of this little seed will come a gigantic tree like the Indian banyan, sending out branch after branch and root after root to all sides, till it covers the entire field of religion.[Source]
  • If there is sincerity, through that will come the awakening of the lion of Brahman within.[Source]
  • If we were all brave and had stout hearts, and with absolute sincerity put our shoulders to the wheel, in twenty-five years the whole problem would be solved, and there would be nothing left here to fight about; the whole Indian world would be once more Aryan.[Source]
  • If you are sincere and have really got hold of one link, do not let go; the rest is bound to come. [But people] do not get hold. They spend the time quarrelling and determining what they should get hold of, and do not get hold of anything.[Source]
  • If you really want the good of others, the whole universe may stand against you and cannot hurt you. It must crumble before your power of the Lord Himself in you if you are sincere and really unselfish. And those boys were that.[Source]
  • It is in love that religion exists and not in ceremony, in the pure and sincere love in the heart. Unless a man is pure in body and mind, his coming into a temple and worshipping Shiva is useless.[Source]
  • Let us then be brave and sincere: whatever path we follow with devotion, must take us to freedom.[Source]
  • Life is short — time is flying — that place and people where one's ideas work best should be the country and the people for everyone. Ay, for a dozen bold hearts, large, noble, and sincere![Source]
  • Man, O man, you speak of divine love and at the same time are able to attend to all the vanities of this world — are you sincere?[Source]
  • Nothing else is necessary but these — love, sincerity, and patience.[Source]
  • Only be sincere; and if you are sincere, says Vedantism, you are sure to be brought to the goal. None will be left. your heart, which contains all truth, will unfold itself chapter after chapter, till you know the last truth, that "I and my Father are one".[Source]
  • Perfect sincerity, holiness, gigantic intellect, and an all-conquering will. Let only a handful of men work with these, and the whole world will be revolutionised.[Source]
  • Says Vedanta, religion is to be realised now. And for you to become religious means that you will start without any religion work your way up and realise things, see things for yourself; and when you have done that, then, and then alone, you have religion. Before that you are no better than atheists, or worse, because the atheist is sincere—he stands up and says, "I do not know about these things—while those others do not know but go about the world, saying, "We arc very religious people." What religion they have no one knows, because they have swallowed some grandmother's story, and priests have asked them to believe these things; if they do not, then let them take care. That is how it is going.[Source]
  • Sincerity of conviction and purity of motive will surely gain the day; and even a small minority, armed with these, is surely destined to prevail against all odds.[Source]
  • So long as I am sincere, nothing can resist me, because He will be my help.[Source]
  • The atheists are sincere, but the man who says that he believes in religion and never attempts to realise it is not sincere.[Source]
  • The brave alone can afford to be sincere. Compare the lion and the fox.[Source]
  • This is the first principle of Vedanta, that realisation is religion, and he who realises is the religious man; and he who does not is no better than he who says, "I do not know", if not worse, because the other says, "I do not know", and is sincere.[Source]
  • We must be perfectly sincere in desiring the highest.[Source]

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