10 January 2014

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Variety Or Variation

Unity in variety is the plan of nature.
—Swami Vivekananda 
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We wrote an article on Swami Vivekananda's quotes on unity, and now we are going to make a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotations on variety or variation.
  • All law is finding unity in variety.[Source]
  • All the peoples of the world have need to understand and practically realise the great truth that "Unity in variety" is nature's plan in the evolution of the universe.[Source]
  • As the world is made up of infinite variety of persons of different natures, intellectually, spiritually, and materially, so these people take to themselves that form of belief in the existence of a great and good moral law, which is best fitted for them.[Source]
  • I see you as men and women, and this is variety.
  • I tell you brother, let everything go on as it is, only take care that no form becomes necessary — unity in variety — see that universality be not hampered in the least.[Source]
  • It is impossible that all difference can cease; it must exist; without variation life must cease.[Source]
  • It is variety that is the source of life, the sign of life. Why should we be afraid of it?[Source]
  • Just as nature is unity in variety — an infinite variation in the phenomenal — as in and through all these variations of the phenomenal runs the Infinite, the Unchangeable, the Absolute Unity, so it is with every man.[Source]
  • One fundamental doctrine of Hinduism is that all men are different, there being unity in variety.[Source]
  • Reason leads to the finding of unity in variety.[Source]
  • The apparent variety is but the reflection seen in time and space, as we see the sun reflected in a million dewdrops, though we know that the sun itself is one and not many.[Source]
  • The multiple of phenomena that is seen at every hand is only the infinite variety of unity.[Source]
  • The Vedantist declares that unity is the only thing that exists; variety is but phenomenal, ephemeral and apparent. "Look not to variety," says the Vedantist, "go back to unity." "Avoid unity; it is a delusion," says the Buddhist, "go to variety."[Source]
  • The whole universe is only the Self with variations, the one tune made bearable by variation; sometimes there are discords, but they only make the subsequent harmony more perfect.[Source]
  • There is no "you" or "me"; all variety is merged into the absolute unity, the one infinite existence--God.[Source]
  • There will be degrees of variation between the good and the evil, but the best is only one, and that best, when seen through thin coverings, we call different sorts of good, and when through thick covers, we call evil.[Source]
  • This finding of unity in variety is really what we call knowledge.[Source]
  • This variety does not mean inequality, nor any special privilege.[Source]
  • This variety is the essence of life, however miserable and weak it may seem to be; we can have nothing more.[Source]
  • Unity in variety is the plan of creation.[Source]
  • Unity in variety is the plan of nature.[Source]
  • Unity in variety is the plan of the universe.[Source]
  • Variation is the sign of life, and it must be there.[Source]
  • Variation is the sign of life. Sameness is the sign of death.[Source]
  • Variation (Vichitratâ), that is to say Jati, means creation. "I am One, I become many:"[Source]
  • Variety in unity is necessary to keep man as man. Variety ought to be preserved in everything; for as long as there is variety the world will exist. Of course variety does not merely mean that one is small and the other is great; but if all play their parts equally well in their respective position in life, the variety is still preserved.[Source]
  • We can't live like a row of chipmunks; variation belongs to human life.[Source]
  • We must have unity and variety.[Source]
  • We say that all the variety is created by name and form; yet when we want to grasp and separate it, it is nowhere.[Source]
  • Whenever any nation ceases to produce this immense variety, it must die.[Source]

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