15 January 2014

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Delusion

We in delusion only break ourselves.
—Swami Vivekananda
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In this article we'll make a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotations on delusion.

Note: For Swami Vivekananda's quotes on Maya, see this article.
  • Death is a delusion![Source]
  • Delusion cannot be called an existence.[Source]
  • Every object is dependent upon all others, that it is a delusion that man is an independent entity.[Source]
  • He who sees the rope as the snake, for him the rope has vanished, and when the delusion ceases and he looks at the rope, the snake has vanished.[Source]
  • How can the perfect soul be deluded into the belief that it is imperfect?[Source]
  • Materialism says, the voice of freedom is a delusion. Idealism says, the voice that tells of bondage is delusion. Vedanta says, you are free and not free at the same time — never free on the earthly plane, but ever free on the spiritual.[Source]
  • May the Lord ever protect you from illusion and delusion![Source]
  • Next, delusion. We always take one thing for another, and act upon that, with the result that we bring misery upon ourselves. We take the bad for the good. Anything that titillates our nerves for a moment we think; as the highest good, and plunge into it immediately, but find, when it is too late, that it has given us a tremendous blow. Every day, we run into this error, and we often continue in it all our lives.[Source]
  • Set yourself to some work for the good of men sunk in ignorance and delusion.[Source]
  • Soul has no caste, and to think it has is a delusion; so are life and death, or any motion or quality.[Source]
  • The freedom of the mind is a delusion. How can the mind be free when it is controlled and bound by law?[Source]
  • The philosopher, with his knowledge, sees that the seeming self is a delusion and easily gives it up.[Source]
  • The rope is changed into the snake apparently only; and when the delusion ceases, the snake vanishes.[Source]
  • The senses are all delusion.[Source]
  • There is but one Infinite Being in the universe, and that Being appears as you and as I; but this appearance of divisions is after all a delusion.[Source]
  • This world is a delusion of two days. The present life is of five minutes. Beyond is the Infinite, beyond this world of delusion; let us seek that.[Source]
  • This world is all a delusion, do not let it fool you again.[Source]
  • Through delusion we have been trying to forget our nature, and yet we could not; it was always calling upon us, and all our search after God or gods, or external freedom, was a search after our real nature.[Source]
  • We in delusion only break ourselves.[Source]
  • What produced this delusion? Can any reality produce delusion? Certainly not. We see that one delusion produces another, and so on. It is delusion always that produces delusion. It is disease that produces disease, and not health that produces disease.[Source]
  • Where the delusion of bondage and freedom ceases, there the Atman is.[Source]

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