11 January 2014

Swami Vivekananda On Sacrifice

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Sacrifice in the past has been the Law,
it will be, alas, for ages to come.
—Swami Vivekananda 
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In this article we are going to make a collection of Swami Vivekananda's quotations and sayings on sacrifice.
  • A man is great among his fellows in proportion as he can sacrifice for the sake of others, while in the lower strata of the animal kingdom, that animal is the strongest which can kill the greatest number of animals.[Source]
  • Do all as a sacrifice or offering to the Lord.[Source]
  • Great things can be done by great sacrifices only.[Source]
  • I know, and know for sure, that great things are done only by great sacrifices. I know for certain that India requires the sacrifice of her highest and best.[Source]
  • I want a band of young Bengal -- who alone are the hope of this country. My hope of the future lies in the youths of character -- intelligent, renouncing all for the service of others, and obedient -- who can sacrifice their lives in working out my ideas and thereby do good to themselves and the country at large.[Source]
  • Instead of the sacrifice of pouring oblations into the fire, perform this one great sacrifice day and night — the sacrifice of your little self.[Source]
  • Is it little heroism to be able to sacrifice one's life for the sake of one's ideal whatever that ideal may be?[Source]
  • Let all our actions — eating, drinking, and everything that we do — tend towards the sacrifice of our self.[Source]
  • Let then make the sacrifice, knowing that this "me and mine" is not the real Self, but only a limitation.[Source]
  • Let us be at peace, perfect peace, with ourselves, and give up our whole body and mind and everything as an eternal sacrifice unto the Lord.[Source]
  • Love itself is the eternal, endless sacrifice. You will have to give up everything.[Source]
  • No great thing can be done without sacrifice.[Source]
  • No great work can be done without sacrifice.[Source]
  • No great work has been done in the world without sacrifice.[Source]
  • Nothing is gained except by sacrifice.[Source]
  • Sacrifice in the past has been the Law, it will be, alas, for ages to come.[Source]
  • Sacrifice of everything for the good of others is real Sannyasa.[Source]
  • Sacrifice on God's altar earth's purest and best.[Source]
  • Sacrifice your life for the good of others and go round to the doors of people carrying this message of fearlessness -- arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.[Source]
  • "सन्निमित्ते वरं त्यागो विनाशे नियते सति—When death is certain, it is best to sacrifice oneself for a good cause."[Source]
  • The earth's bravest and best will have to sacrifice themselves for the good of many, for the welfare of all.[Source]
  • The highest evolution of man is effected through sacrifice alone.[Source]
  • The two great watchwords of every great religion are renunciation and self - sacrifice.[Source]
  • Until we be ready to sacrifice everything else to one Idea and to one alone, we never, never will see the light.[Source]
  • When you have men who are ready to sacrifice their everything for their country, sincere to the backbone — when such men arise, India will become great in every respect.[Source]
  • Where are the men ready to go out to every country in the world with the messages of the great sages of India? Where are the men who are ready to sacrifice everything, so that this message shall reach every corner of the world? Such heroic spurs are wanted to help the spread of truth.[Source]

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