04 February 2014

Brajendra Nath Seal On Swami Vivekananda

Brajendra Nath Seal (Bengali: বজেন্দ্র নাথ শীল, 1864—1938) was an Indian Bengali philosopher. He was one of the most prominent members of Brahmo Samaj. He was a poet too and wrote an epic poem named Quest Eternal. A detailed biography of Brajendra Nath Seal is available at Wikipedia, here in this article we'll write Brajendra Nath Seal's quotes and comments on Swami Vivekananda.

Brajendra Nath Seal told—
Brajendra Nath Seal
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
When I first met Vivekananda in 1881, we were fellow students of Principal William Hastie, scholar, metaphysician, and poet, at the General Assembly’s College. ... I saw and recognized in him a high, ardent and pure nature, vibrant and resonant with impassioned sensibilities. He was certainly no sour or cross-grained puritan, no normal hypochondric; in the recesses of his soul he wrestled with the fierce and fell spirit of Desire, the subtle and illusive spirit of Fancy.

...He tried diverse teachers, creeds and cults, and it was this quest that brought him, though at first in a doubting spirit, to the Paramahamsa of Dakshineshwar, who spoke to him with an authority that none had spoken before. ...But his rebellious intellect scarcely yet owned the Master. ...It was only gradually that the doubts of that keen intellect were vanquished by the calm in the subsequent life-history of Vivekananda who, after he had found the firm assurance he sought in the saving Grace and Power of his Master, went about preaching and teaching the creed of the Universal Man, and the absolute and inalienable sovereignty of the Self.


  1. From an article first published in Prabuddha Bharata, April 1907

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