14 February 2014

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Progress

All growth, progress, well - being, or degradation is but relative.
—Swami Vivekananda 
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In this article we'll collect Swami Vivekananda's quotations on progress (Bengali: প্রগতি, Hindi: प्रगति)
  • According to the history of human progress, it is disobedience to nature that has constituted that progress.[Source]
  • All growth, progress, well - being, or degradation is but relative.[Source]
  • All progress and power are already in every man; perfection is man's nature, only it is barred in and prevented from taking its proper course.[Source]
  • All progression is in the relative world.[Source]
  • All real progress must be slow.[Source]
  • Do you think there is any other means of achieving progress except through Rajas?[Source]
  • How can there be any progress of the country without the spread of education, the dawning of knowledge?[Source]
  • I do not believe in eternal progress, that we are growing on ever and ever in a straight line. It is too nonsensical to believe. There is no motion in a straight line. A straight line infinitely projected becomes a circle. The force sent out will complete the circle and return to its starting place.[Source]
  • It is the nature of the brute to remain where he is (not to progress); it is the nature of man to seek good and avoid evil; it is the nature of God to seek neither, but just to be eternally blissful. Let us be God![Source]
  • It is too often believed that a person in his progress towards perfection passes from error to truth; that when he passes on from one thought to another, he must necessarily reject the first. But no error can lead to truth. The soul passing through its different stages goes from truth to truth, and each stage is true; it goes from lower truth to higher truth.[Source]
  • Just as the body has its progress and decadence, so also has the mind, and, therefore, the mind is not the soul, because the soul can neither decay nor degenerate.[Source]
  • Language is the chief means and index of a nation's progress.[Source]
  • Man has wanted to look beyond, wanted to expand himself; and all that we call progress, evolution, has been always measured by that one search, the search for human destiny, the search for God.[Source]
  • May blessings and happiness attend every step of your progress in this world.[Source]
  • None of us have yet seen an ideally perfect man, and yet without that ideal we cannot progress.[Source]
  • Take any path you like; follow any prophet you like; but have only that method which suits your own nature, so that you will be sure to progress.[Source]
  • The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women.[Source]
  • The Indian mythology has a theory of cycles, that all progression is in the form of waves.[Source]
  • The progress and civilisation of the human race simply mean controlling this nature.[Source]
  • The progress of the world means more enjoyment and more misery too.[Source]
  • The progress of the world through all its evils making it fit for the ideals, slowly but surely.[Source]
  • The test of progress is the amount of renunciation that one has attained.[Source]
  • There is implanted in every man, naturally, a strong desire for progress.[Source]
  • True progress is slow but sure.[Source]
  • We do not progress from error to truth, but from truth to truth.[Source]
  • We have either to progress or to degenerate. Our ancestors did great things in the past, but we have to grow into a fuller life and march beyond even their great achievements.[Source]
  • We know there is no progress in a straight line.[Source]
  • We shall progress inch by inch.[Source]
  • What we want is progress, development, realisation.[Source]
  • Wherever there has been expansion in love or progress in well-being, of individuals or numbers, it has been through the perception, realisation, and the practicalisation of the Eternal Truth—the oneness of all beings.[Source]

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