10 February 2014

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Self-Sacrifice

The eternal law is self - sacrifice, not self - assertion.
—Swami Vivekananda
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In this website we are writing a series of articles on Swami Vivekananda's quotes on "self". We have also written an article on Swami Vivekananda's quotes on sacrifice (listed at the bottom of the page as a related article). Now, in this article our topic is Swami Vivekananda's quotations on self-sacrifice.
  • Analysing the ethical laws of the world and comparing them with the actual state of things, two laws stand out supreme. The one, that of repelling everything from us—separating ourselves from everyone—which leads to self-aggrandisement even at the cost of everyone else's happiness. The other, that of self-sacrifice—of taking no thought of ourselves—only of others. Both spring from the search for happiness—one, of finding happiness in injuring others and the ability of feeling that happiness only in our own senses. The other, of finding happiness in doing good to others —the ability of feeling happy, as it were, through the senses of others. The great and good of the world are those who have the latter power predominating. Yet both these are working side by side conjointly; in almost everyone they are found in mixture, one or the other predominating. The thief steals, perhaps, for someone he loves.[Source]
  • As the outcome of work for the sake of others, the angularities of the mind get smoothed down, and men are gradually prepared for sincere self - sacrifice for the good of others.[Source]
  • Is not self-sacrifice, then, a virtue? Is it not the most virtuous deed to sacrifice the happiness of one, the welfare of one, for the sake of the many?[Source]
  • It is all a degeneration which has its root in selfishness. That in boarding a steamer one follows the vulgar maxim, "Uncle, save thy own precious skin", and in music and moments of recreation everyone tries to make a display of himself, is a typical picture of our mental state. Only a little training in self - sacrifice would take it away. It is the fault of the parents who do not teach their children good manners. Self - sacrifice, indeed, is the basis of all civilization.[Source]
  • It is not at all any question of creed, or doctrine — even men who are very much opposed to all religious ideas, when they see one of these acts of complete self-sacrifice, feel that they must revere it. Have you not seen even a most bigoted Christian, when he reads Edwin Arnold's Light of Asia, stand in reverence of Buddha, who Preached no God, preached nothing but self-sacrifice?[Source]
  • Not to speak of ancient days, even in modern times, no society can be found in any country where the effectiveness of individual self-sacrifice for the good of the many and of the oneness of purpose and endeavour actuating every member of the society for the common good of the whole have been fully realised.[Source]
  • Religion comes with intense self-sacrifice. Desire nothing for yourself. Do all for others. This is to live and move and have your being in God.[Source]
  • Self-sacrifice, not self-assertion, is the law of the highest universe.[Source]
  • The eternal law is self - sacrifice, not self - assertion.[Source]
  • The martial spirit is not self - assertion but self - sacrifice. One must be ready to advance and lay down one's life at the word of command, before he can command the hearts and lives of others. One must sacrifice himself first.[Source]
  • The two great watchwords of every great religion are renunciation and self - sacrifice.[Source]
  • The watchword of the Karma - yogi is "not I, but Thou", and no amount of self - sacrifice is too much for him. But he does this without any desire to go to heaven, or gain name or fame or any other benefit in this world.[Source]
  • True worship leads to intense self - sacrifice.[Source]
  • What good is it carrying along a load of bones and flesh! Initiated into the Mantra of extreme self-sacrifice for the sake of God, go, lay down for others this body of flesh and bones like the Muni Dadhichi! Those alone, say the Shastras, are the real Gurus, who have studied the Vedas and the Vedanta, who are knowers of the Brahman, who are able to lead others beyond to fearlessness; when such are at hand, get yourself initiated, "no speculation in such a case". Do you know what has become of this principle now? — "like the blind leading the blind"![Source]

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