02 April 2014

R. G. Pradhan On Swami Vivekananda

R. G. Pradhan (1876—??) was an Indian freedom fighter is an Indian ex-administrator and bureaucrat. He served Indian Government for 36 years. Between 1984–89, he was the Union Home Secretary. Later he represented India as a diplomat in International Trade and Commerce in Geneva for 10 years. He wrote a book titled India's Struggle For Swaraj. (see comments below)

In this article you'll find R. G. Pradhan's quotes and comment on Swami Vivekananda.

From India's Struggle For Swaraj
Image source: InfBeam
In the book India's Struggle For Swaraj, R. G. Pradhan wrote—
Swami Vivekananda might well be called the father of modern Indian Nationalism; he largely created it and also embodied in his own life its highest and noblest elements.


  • India’s Struggle For Swaraj by  Pradhan,R. G., Daya Publishing House, Delhi, 1930, p.60.

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  1. You are confused. The one who worked in GEneva is RD pradhan and totally different from the author of the book India struggle for swaraj. The are like chalk and cheese in all manner including intellect and ethics. Please don't make any comparism or create confusion. It's blasphemous!

  2. R.G.Pradhan was a khaki clad penniless and ethical freedom fighter far removed from the modern day IAS R.D. Pradhan.

    1. Yes, it is confusing. we tried checking an RKM book, there too they have written Pradhan was an IAS officer.

    2. Yes,I will be writing to them too. Thank you for the correction. However R.G. Pradhan is the author of the book "India's struggle for Swaraj". I am his granddaughter and I also happen to have seen the other R.D. Pradhan at close quarters, hence I was so shocked. I apologise if I sounded brusque.


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