30 November 2014

Let People Say Whatever They Like

Swami Vivekananda observed—[Source]
Each work has to pass through these stages — ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance.
He also asked—[Source]
Let us remember the words of Kâlidâsa: "Fools blame the actions of the great, because they are extraordinary and their reasons past the finding-out of ordinary mortals."

According to Swami Vivekananda, we should not be afraid or stop or work because of mere criticism or opposition. "Let people say whatever they like", we should—[Source]
Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life — think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success,

Let people say whatever they like

Uncle Sam
Let people say whatever they like, stick to your own convictions
— Swami Vivekananda 
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
According to Swami Vivekananda OR Swami Vivekananda told—
  • Let people praise you or blame you, let fortune smile or frown upon you, let your body fall today or after a Yuga, see that you do not deviate from the path of Truth.[Source]
  • Let people say whatever they like, stick to your own convictions, and rest assured, the world will be at your feet. They say, "Have faith in this fellow or that fellow", but I say, "Have faith in yourself first", that's the way. Have faith in yourself—all power is in you—be conscious and bring it out. Say, "I can do everything." "Even the poison of a snake is powerless if you can firmly deny it." Beware! No saying "nay", no negative thoughts! Say, "Yea, Yea," "So'ham, So'ham"—"I am He! I am He!"[Source]
  • Let people say whatever they will — "Men (who wrongly criticise) are to be treated as worms!" as Shri Ramakrishna used to say. Let there be no disparity between what you profess and what you do. . .[Source]
  • . . .let people say what they will. Let anyone write anything for or against me in the papers; you shouldn't take the slightest notice.[Source]
  • Let people speak out their own opinions, why should we object?[Source]

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